Tricks to Make Daily Blog Updates to Twitter and Facebook without Making Posts

How can you share to Twitter and Facebook if we don’t update the blog regularly? Do you use automated spam tricks to Twitter and Facebook? Or is it possible that the WordPress.com blog can use the auto like Facebook script and Twitter auto share to send posts automatically to Twitter and Facebook accounts?

Well, maybe that’s the discourse of the reader when reading the title of this post. But if you read this article to the end, then the trick that I gave is far from spam or that violates the WordPress.com TOS. And of course I will not give tricks to loyal colleagues of BootingskoBlog who are at risk of a blog being hit by a suspend that has been rife recently.

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I have applied this trick to this blog, and the results of this blog look always updated among apphack followers on Twitter and Facebook. Even though I don’t necessarily make a post once a month. Immediately, I explained how to make our blog look updated every day without making a single post.

And the following steps to juggle your blog look always updated on Twitter and Facebook without making posts:

  1. Go to www.twitterfeed.com
  2. On the Twitterfeed login page, enter your email address and password. If you don’t have a Twitterfeed account, please register by clicking [Don’t have an account yet?] .
  3. After entering the Twitterfeed dashboard, click the [Create New Feed] button .
  4. On the [Step 1: Name Feed & Add Source URL] page, we will retrieve the blog comment feed. Enter your blog comment feed address in the [Blog URL or RSS Feed URL] column and press the [test rss feed] button . If it works then there is a notification √ Feed is parsed OK .
  5. Then click [Advanced Settings] to set feed settings.
    • Check for new posts : Every 30 mins.
    • And post up to : 5.
    • Post Content Include : description only (recommendations from me, to avoid duplicate titles).
  6. And click the [Continue to Step 2] button .
  7. Then on this [Available Services] page where you can link your comment feeds to Twitter and Facebook. So every time there is a new comment on your blog, it will automatically be distributed to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  8. To start connecting to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, please click on the Twitter and Facebook links.

    For Twitter click the [Authenticate Twitter] button and then enter your Twitter username and password.

    For Facebook, click the [Connect with Facebook] button and then enter your Facebook email and password. Besides being able to spread to your Facebook profile, you can also spread it to Facebook Fan Pages or Facebook Groups.
  9. And end click the [All Done!] Button when you’re done connecting.

The conclusion is that every time there is a new comment on your blog, then the contents of the comment will automatically be shared to Twitter and Facebook by including a short link that leads to the post that was commented on. Now even though you have not updated for a month or a year as long as your blog has commented it is as if your blog always looks updated. Of course this is very beneficial for those of you who have a lot of followers and liker, because it is able to attract people to come to your blog.

The important thing for this trick to succeed is that it depends on the reader who wishes to leave a comment on the blog. Because it is this comment that conjures up our blog looks always updated on Twitter and Facebook. I assume this is not a problem for you, because I’m sure your blog every day there are comments. For blogs that are still devoid of comments, I suggest visiting other blogs and leaving your comments on the blog. So hope the blog owner is pleased to visit your blog and make comments. This is very good for your blog going forward.

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