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How to Register and FeedBurner Settings

Not a few of the many blog owners who use the FeedBurner service. They chose this service because FeedBurner has many web-based features and applications. FeedBurner also provides an analysis of site traffic. The owner is given full access to manage feed feeds.


FeedBurner is a web feed management service, consisting of RSS feeds and management tools for bloggers and podcasters, and other web-based publication applications. This service provides an analysis of site visitors traffic and an advertising system that can be chosen.


  • Publish content and other people easier to subscribe.
  • Optimizes the distribution of feeds because the format is more compatible with all types of subscriber software.
  • Users can analyze traffic subscribed to feeds, such as seeing the number of subscribers, where they are and what they like.
  • Integrated with Google Adsense.
  • Can be linked to social media like Twitter and Facebook.

There is no reason why we do not try to register FeedBurner after we are familiar with the functions and features available. Please note that to register in FeedBurner we need in addition to the address of the blog feed We are having an account from Google, namely Google email (Gmail). These conditions are absolute, so for those of you who want to register in FeedBurner and don’t have a Google account, immediately create an account first at

How to register

  1. Please go to the address
  2. On the FeedBurner login page, enter your email name and password from Google.
  3. On the main page of FeedBurner enter the feed address of your blog in the Burn a feed right this instant box . For feed addresses on WordPress it has a default and for Blogspot
  4. After entering the blog feed address, immediately click the [Next »] button .
  5. Then you are taken to the Welcome page ! Let us burn a feed for you , please name your feed and click the [Next »] button .

    Feed Title : feed title.
    Feed Address : the name of the feed address (write without spaces).
  6. If the feed burning process is successful, Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live. Want to dress it up a little? .
  7. Ignore the Next button, just click the [Skip directly to feed management] link .

The process of switching blog feeds to FeedBurner is complete, to check whether your blog feed has been redirected to FeedBurner, simply type the old blog feed address in the address bar in your browser and press the Enter key. If changes to it means the switching process has been successful.

Next I will discuss the settings in the feed address so that it can be optimized.

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  1. Click the [Publicize]> [Email Subscriptions] tab .
    If the Email Subscription feature is activated, readers can subscribe and will get regular updates from your blog that will be sent directly to the reader email. Language is generally subscribed to articles .
  2. To activate the Email Subscriptions feature , click the [Activate] button .
  3. After the Email Subscriptions feature is active, you can make additional settings such as the Subscription Management, Communication Preferences, Email Branding and Delivery Options features .
  4. Then also activate the [FeedCount] feature .
    Useful to find out the number of readers through feeds or the number of readers who have subscribed to feeds from your blog.
  5. Click the [Activate] button .

There are many more features of FeedBurner, but enough 2 (two) features that I discuss here. Maybe in the future I will discuss other features of FeedBurner such as connecting FeedBurner to Social Media and Google Adsense. Now i think you know how Feedburner is working.

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