10 Important Steps After Creating a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog

After registering to create a WordPress Blog, there are several steps that may be important to do. This is very useful for the survival of your new blog. I take this step based on the habits of what I do after creating a WordPress Blog that I adjust to the place where I blog, namely Indonesia. So you may try and may not try it all depends on you.

10 Important Steps After Creating a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog
  1. Make Privacy Settings .
    By doing this privacy settings, your blog is automatically registered and indexed on search engines such as Google, Sphere, Technorati and others.
  2. Change blog language .
    This allows the grouping of blogs based on language by WordPress.
  3. Make changes to General Settings .
    Includes general settings that need to be changed once.
  4. Make changes to Writing Settings .
    Creating a blog can not be separated from writing posts, it is necessary to change the standard settings of this writing.
  5. Change the comment settings so that they are user friendly in the Discussion Settings .
    Having a new home is very nice when someone visits, in this case a commentator. So make a comment box that is very welcome to the commentator.
  6. Turn off the Snap Shots facility .
    Facilities that do not need to be activated and disturb the comfort of visitors.
  7. Activate Avatar / Gravatar immediately .
    Important because it is activated as the identity of the blog owner when commenting or replying to comments.
  8. Enable widgets of Recent Pots , Resent Comments , Meta and Blog Stats .
    Enabling the widgets above makes it easier for us to manage blogs, such as knowing new comments, new posts, the number of pages viewed by visitors and easy admin logins.
  9. Immediately make a new post .
    Important! Blogs that are empty without posting will not be liked by visitors.
  10. Register your blog on search engines.
    Having assumed your blog is ready to be published to be recognized by the world, search engines are a surefire alternative. Also upload your Sitemap on search engines for better crawling of your site.

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